Programs - KML Movement
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Training programs for you to go at your own pace! Example exercise videos are alluploaded on KML Movement Youtube for explanations on how to do certain movements. As always, train smart and train hard.

6-Week Shred Programs

Shred Phase 1:

  • Training Split: Legs/Glute, Shoulders, Back/Glute, Chest/Shoulders,
    Legs/Glute, Arms
  • Both beginner and advanced training programs included

Shred Phase 2:

  • Training Split: Legs/Glute, Back/Shoulders, Chest/Arms, Legs/Glute,
    Shoulders/Glute, Full-Body Metabolic
  • Both beginner and advanced training programs included

Shred Phase 3:

  • Training Split: Legs/Glutes, Shoulders, High Intensity Legs/Glutes,
    Back/Shouldres, Glutes, Arms
  • Both beginner and advanced training programs included

4-Week Programs

Foundation Program:

  • Focuses on the functional details rather than just throwing around heavy
    weight. It exposes weaknesses and works on certain aspects that are often
    overlooked. All bodyweight and banded movements. GREAT if you are
    needing some time away from the weights and want to focus on building that
    strength from the ground up.
  • Training Split: Lower Body, Upper Body, Mobility, Lower Body, Upper Body

Functional Bodybuilding:

  • Designed with unique training movements to focus on combining both
    bodybuilding weight training and functional movements. This program is
    what I am doing to prepare for the show The Titan Games on NBC.
  • Training Split: Lower Body, Upper Body, Functional Metabolic, Lower Body,
    Upper Body, Mobility

Shoulder Program:

  • Training Vault Program designed to effectively hit all aspects of your
    shoulder to develop them during a 4-week timeframe. Also includes
    educational content to explain anatomy of shoulder, sports medicine
    principles applied to shoulder, shoulder maintenance, shoulder exercise
    libarary, and how to train them effectively. If you want to know the why
    behind it all I highly recommend this.
  • Training Split: Shoulders: Strength, Shoulders: Functional/Mobility, Shoulder
    + Core: Volume

Band Only:

  • All you need is your body and some bands!
  • This is GREAT for at-home days and/or working on the details of each movement. You can do this in combination with your normal training program!
  • Training Split: Full Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, Full Body