In-Person Semi-Private Training - KML Movement
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Train smart with me in-person! I would love to help you conquer your
goals in an effective and transformative way. Teaching and coaching proper
form and technique are my main focuses, along with being your biggest hype
man and supporter throughout it all. Maximum of 5 people/session. Training Locations are at 614 Barbell (located in Hilliard, OH).


  • In-person training sessions to focus on form, technique, and keys to maximize your results
  • Movement homework that focuses on foundational exercises to work on the details to keep you injury-free and transform movement weaknesses to strengths
  • Weekly life-checklist to keep accountability for progressing to our goals
  • Free Group MetCon Classes at 614 Barbell! Check out Group Metcon for details!


  • Training Questionnaire
  • Free in-person consultation with movement screen and goals review

Costs: No Commitment РI want you to want to be there!

  • 4 sessions/month: $300
  • 8 sessions/month: $500
  • 12 sessions/month: $650
  • Optional: 1on1 Drop-in rate of $75 with 10% off if training package
  • Optional: Nutrition Coaching $100/month add-on

Athlete Group

Train with me in-person 1x/week with an athlete group focusing on sport performance, speed/agility, and injury prevention. This is a group from 5-15 athletes working toward maximizing their full capability on and off the field or court. I will also give each athlete movement homework to work on injury prevention exercises at-home.


Group MetCon Classes

Join me up to 6x/week for the45-minute Group MetCon Class to crank up the heart rate! I will also teach one weight training technique each week and incorporate it in the class. Movement homework assigned to do at-home!


Corporate Fitness Classes

Fitness classes held in your offices or a distant location that is customized for what you and your team need! Training in a team environment boosts staff morale and encourages staff to focus on their wellbeing. We can also incorporate technique training to learn throughout the day how you can make small changes in your work routine to help you reduce back and other joint pain, make overall health a priority, and keep spirits high!


Supergirl Sunday Group

The Supergirl Sunday Group is a group workout that is focused on empowering young girls (ages 8-12) through fitness to realize that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible and to reinforce life values that I believe in very strongly. By being a girl to grow up in todays world I know that it can be challenging to stay on the right path with everything thrown at you via social media and other influences. It is a passion of mine to help younger girls realize what truly matters and to become strong, confident individuals.