Hybrid Training - KML Movement
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Hybrid Training

Hybrid Program

Training combination package of 1on1 individualized program that is
completed on your own with in-person sessions focusing on technique and form with me.┬áIt’s not just doing the reps, but how you do the reps
that count (and get you to maximize the results). I want to help you work on
your weaknesses from foundation up so we can not only get you to look and
feel better, but overall move better too. This is not just a program, this is a
training plan designed for you and how your body moves to maximize

Includes: Monthly (4-week) individualized programming that focuses on
your personal goals with incorporating foundational exercises based on your
movements screens to maximize your results and transform movement
weaknesses into movement strengths. This in combination with in-person sessions with me to focus on form and technique!

  • Individualized 4-Week Online Training Program
  • In-person training sessions to focus on form, technique,
    and keys for you to maximize your results
  • Daily inidivdualized foundational exercises
  • Videos of each movement in program
  • Weekly check-ins with me to discuss progress, movements, etc.
  • Weekly Facebook lives for KMLMovement clients describing a training or nutrition concept!
  • Free 1x/week Group MetCon Classes at 614 Barbell or Old School Gym! Details coming soon!


  • Training Questionnaire
  • Movement Screen
  • Optional: FREE in-person movement analysis!

Cost: No Commitment – I want you to want to be there!

  • $350/month with 2 month commitment for distant training program
    and 4 in-person sessions/month
  • $550/month with 2 month commitment for distant training program
    and 8 in-person sessions/month
  • Optional: 1on1 Drop-in rate of $75 with 10% off if training package
  • Optional: Nutrition Coaching $100/month add-on