Movement Screens: Online - KML Movement
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Movement Screens: Online

Movement Evaluation: Online

Movement and exercise can be important tools for injury prevention instead of injury causation if completed properly, so that is why Im so passionate about this being the backbone of KML Movement.Its how you do each movement that matters and ultimately determines your results. It can be one small tweak that makes the world of a difference in you staying healthy and going after your goals. Let’s tackle that early on with doing a movement evaluation to check your form, hit your personal foundational exercises, and keep you moving well.I want you to feel comfortable and confident while youre working out or doing day-to-day activity without any pain. Pain is a signal. Pain is trying to tell you something. Lets take a deeper look at the reasoning behind your pain to see if we tweak your technique to make you feel better.Its all about training smart and understanding the why behind it all. I would LOVE to help you!

**This is in no form of a rehabilitation protocol or injury evaluation. Please also acknowledge that this is not functional movement evaluation that uses a specific copyright protocol. If you are suffering from an acute or chronic injury please see a medical professional.I will NOT diagnose any injury. If I speculate that it is something more serious than just a technique improvement I will recommend that you seek a qualified medical professional.


Movement evaluation via video submission to identify specific areas toimprove overall movement and technique. I will evaluate form andtechnique on functional movements, main movements, and/or accessory movements. You can send as few videos or as many videos as you’d like with one email submission. You will receive extensive technique and form explanations with how toimprove, example exercises that may help, and an understanding ofthe why behind what you are doing.


  • Movement Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Functional Movement Evaluation Form
    • Initial form describing what to send regarding functional movements
      • Overhead squat with PVC pipe or broomstick
      • Single leg sit to chair
      • Against the wall box squat
      • Seated wall angel
  • Main and Accessory Movement Evaluation Form
    • Initial form describing what to send regarding main

      • Squat
      • Bench
      • Deadlift
      • Accessory movements or exercises that you want checked (can be anything!)

All forms/questionnaires will be downloadable upon purchase. An email will be sent regarding details within 24 hours!