Movement Screens: In-Person - KML Movement
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Movement Screens: In-Person

Movement Evaluation: In-Person

Are you afraid to do something because you’re nervous you will hurt your back or knees more? Is it your new “normal” to deal with some pain that you’ve just accepted will never go away? Have you tried to work out, but then stop because it makes things worse? Are you just unsure of how to squat or deadlift?

You don’t have to accept that.

Many times it’s not what you’re doing, but HOW you’re doing it.

Sign up for a movement evaluation where we go 1on1 and take a deeper look at how your body is functioning and moving in order to get you to your goals. With my background in neurology, biomechanics, and injuries it is important to me to be the detective and figure out the reasoning behind it all. This will only take 20 minutes!!

I ultimately want you to conquer life 10, 20, and 30 years down the road. I want you to play with your grandchildren pain free. I want you to jump in a basketball game and not be worried about a knee injury. Let’s take that first step and complete a 20-minute movement evaluation now!

**This is in no form of a rehabilitation protocol or injury evaluation. Please also acknowledge that this is not functional movement evaluation that uses a specific copyright protocol. If you are suffering from an acute or chronic injury please see a medical professional.I will NOT diagnose any injury. If I speculate that it is something more serious than just a technique improvement I will recommend that you seek a qualified medical professional.