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Earned Confidence: The Story Behind It All

Earned Confidence: The Story Behind It All

I always thought confidence was something you were born with. I always thought some people were born super confident and others (like me) weren’t born as confident. Now I wasn’t totally insecure or just not confident (mama raised me to be a confident girl!), but I always cared a lot about what other people thought of me (grade A people pleaser). I would get super nervous meeting people for the first time because I wanted them to like me. I would start getting the nervous sweats and the deep feeling in my throat when I had to present in front of any group of people. Shoot.. I didn’t even like saying hi to someone first in the grocery store. I was confident, but I wasn’t as confident as I saw some people just be effortlessly. What did they have that I didn’t? How are they that confident?

I asked those questions and thought those thoughts until I did something really tough. I got made fun of for it a lot. I got teased almost everyday. I got weird looks by people that didn’t understand. And for once in my life… I didn’t really care what others thought. Okay, yes a little part of me did and a little part of me wondered if I was in the wrong since everyone else thought it was weird I would skip going out on a Friday night to workout, BUT I was working toward a goal so I told myself to just stay focused.

That was going into my senior year of college prepping for a bodybuilding show. It wasn’t the fact that I was gaining confidence by looking a certain way, but that I was gaining confidence by putting in work that other people weren’t willing to put in. I was gaining confidence by pushing through the days I didn’t want to be there and ultimately becoming a person I never knew could exist.

But it started one workout at a time. It started one meal at a time. It started one podcast at a time.

Self-confidence is defined by the little promises you make to yourself… and keep. Have you said, “On Monday I’m going to start!” and then 4 days later fall off? Have you said, “I’m going to stop doing this!” and then continue to do that thing you want to stop 3 days later? Have you made a promise to yourself and not keep it?

I know I have. How does that make you feel? For me…not very good. When was the one time that I felt like my self-confidence (not pride) was through the roof? I was keeping those small promises to myself when I wanted to do it… and didn’t want to do it.

This earned confidence challenge is SO much more than just a challenge. This is SO much more than those small 5 non-negotiables every day. Those 5 daily non-negotiables can unlock a whole new version of you that truly feels comfortable and confident in your own skin. The real question is… are you willing to put in the work now to unlock that new version of you later?

Give yourself 21 days… I promise you you won’t regret it.

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