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21-Day KML Movement Clean Eatz Challenge


This 21-Day Challenge is more than a just goal to work towards. Its not a quickfix or a shortcut. It is a challenge that gives you 21 days to focus on YOU. Its easy toget caught up in the craziness of life, kids, work, and so much more. Its easy to putyourself on the back burner. But its time. Its time to focus on you. 21 Days.This isthe start of something amazing. Lets do this.

What is it?

KML Movement is teaming up with Clean Eatz, a nationwide healthy dining and meal prep company,and bringing you the ultimate 21-day challenge that focuses on the nutrition, fitness, and mindset aspects of health and wellness. The winners will receive 1 FREE month of Clean Eatz and 1 FREE month of training/nutrition (online or in-person) with Kelsey!


You will have direct access to Clean Eatz meal plan service (located in Columbus, Ohio) that will prep meals for you, direct access to KML Movement MetConclasses 6 days/week, a 21-day workout plan to follow, ability to work closely with Kelsey Lensman, ATC with nutrition, a mindset builder that will help you build your mental game, free Instagram/Facebook lives with Kelsey Lensman and Casey Shroeder, Clean Eatz Columbus Owner, and a community of people that are along with you in this journey.


We are going to embark on a 21-day journey together that will give you the tools to get a jumpstart on your journey to take YOU back!

What do you win?

1 FREE month of 5 meals/week at Clean Eatz Columbus

(Value is $152.00)


1 FREE month of training/nutrition (online or in-person at MetCons) with Kelsey!

(Value is $225, $150, or $100)


TOTAL VALUE OF: $375, but momentum that you gain = PRICELESS

**Number of winners not specified yet! 🙂


We want to transform your life – not just give you a quick fix that will lead you to right back where you were when you started.

How do you win?

Before vs. After Pictures and Greatest Mindset Shift

It is MORE than just your weight on the scale. We are not doing “biggest loser” because there are so many factors with weight. I want you to FEEL amazing and go for long term results rather than getting caught up on a tiny number. Progress is SO much more than a number. YOU are so much more than a number. Pictures and mindset says it all.


You will submit before and after pictures and we will determine winner with the biggest change! However, it has more to do than just physical progress! We will send you intake questionnaire that goes over lifestyle and mindset pieces too. You will submit that questionnaire before and after the challenge that we will take into account too! It’s about body AND mind.

What’s included?



  • General Package: 14 meals/week (2 meals/day) or 21 meals/week (3 meals/day) with your choice of choosing whichever meals you’d like from meal plan for the upcoming week


  • Personalized Package: General Package + work 1on1 with Kelsey to set and achieve nutrition goals for you. We will work closely together through weekly check-ins, mid-week accountability, and having someone to help guide you through the process of what to eat outside of just the 2 or 3 meals/day (remember you need to eat more than just those meals too!). We will use the meal plan options from Clean Eatz, but you will have someone to guide you, assist in choosing certain meals and progress accordingly.
    • Set individualized nutrition goals
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Mid-week accountability texts
    • Help with choosing which meals for the upcoming week
    • 24/7 access for questions and communication
    • A HUGE support system



Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.




  • Facebook community for all 21-day challenge members!
    • This space is a space where we will support each other, talk about our wins, talk about our struggles, keep each other accountable, open space for questions, etc.
    • When there is a group of people working together to keep each other accountable… magic happens.
  • 1x/Week Instagram and Facebook Lives: 1x/week we will go over a topic whether it be nutrition, working out, answering questions, talking about mindset, etc.
    • This is for YOU! We want to empower you and with these weekly lives, we will have the power to do so!
  • SUPPORT! You will have the support of not only us, but of the members within the group too. Let’s build bonds that will last a lifetime.




    • KML Movement Metabolic Conditioning Classes held at 614 Barbell (Hilliard, OH)
      • 6 Day/Week Option
        • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 7-8a
        • Tuesday & Thursday: 5-6a
        • Saturday: 7-8a
    • 21-Day Training Plan
      • Not located in Columbus, Ohio or do those times not work? No problem!
      • 21-day workout plan that includes workouts that are able to be completed on your own with a gym
      • 4 At-Home days if you can’t make it to the gym!
    • Open Training Time at 614 Barbell with me!
      • I will be there Monday-Saturday from 4am-9am. Come in and workout with the 21-day training plan that is given to you! I will be there to help assist on form, technique, or support!



If someone has a strong enough why, they can endure almost any how.




  • MindsetShift Guide: This will include what we want you to do prior toward starting and going throughout the 21-day journey with regards to mindset
  • Find your reason: Write down 1 reason everyday why you want to do this. Not superficial lose 10 lbs, but the REAL reason why you want to do this. Dig deep. Find the why.
  • Write down 3 “I Got This” statements
    • I got this: It’s a statement of a goal that you WILL achieve
      • Ex. I WILL kick butt in my meeting today or I WILL get 20 lbs. dumbbells in shoulder press!
  • Write 3 small wins for the day or 3 things you are grateful for
    • Write down 3 small wins that you had from the previous day or 3 things you are grateful for
      • Ex. I chose water instead of pop! I am grateful for the ability to workout even when I don’t want to.


To enter you will pay entry fee via website that will include fitness, mindset, and community portion and then have a discount code to pay for weekly Clean Eatz meals in store. I will send information on how toorder Clean Eatz meals each week via email after confirmation of entry!

Entry Fee: 2 Options

    • General: $50
      • Includes fitness portion
    • Personalized Nutrition: General +$50
      • Total: $100
      • Includes fitness portion + 1on1 nutrition coaching with Kelsey


REFERRALS: If you get a friend to sign up, then you get 5 free Clean Eatz meals!

Weekly Meal Plans from Clean Eatz: Price is REDUCED

    • 14 Meals/Week (2 Meals/Day): $6.50/meal
      • Total: $91/week


    • 21 Meals/Week (3 Meals/Day): $6.00/meal
      • Total: $126/week


You will sign up for weekly meal plans via their websitehttp://cleaneatz.comearliest the Thursday of the week prior until Sunday. There will be a discount code that will be sent via email to you for discount on meals! You are able to pick up earliest on Sunday or throughout the week! The Clean Eatz location is 5063 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43214.



21-Day KML Movement Clean Eatz End of Summer Challenge


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