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13.1….The First Run

13.1….The First Run

It was Saturday mid-day (HELLO SUN/HEAT) after training and Crossfit. I got my new shoes on from Columbus Running Company (I thought I was looking good), my ear buds were in, and I was ready to roll. I thought I’d take Captain out for the first mile to get him tired (the more tired he can get the happier I am!) and then finish it out. Good ole ignorant Kelsey thought, “Hey.. this won’t be SO bad right?!” Oh boy… did I get a rude awakening! 

About every 20 feet Cap pulled me back to try to pee on the tree that yet again… he had to mark (typical boy 🙂 ). As I kept running trying to drag him along it made my annoyance meter go up. I love that boy… but man is he a bad running partner. So about 1 mile in I gave him the boot and dropped him off back at home. 

I thought, “Okay… I can FINALLY go!” I started running around my neighborhood with my earbuds in listening to Ed Mylett’s podcast, “True American Hero” with Robert O’Neill (the guy that killed Bin Laden). Listening to that got my mind off of how long I still had to go.

“2 Miles in.”

Those words rang in my ear and I thought, “So you’re saying… I still have 6 more?!” I tried to not let my weak brain get to me and freak me out that I still had 6 more. I was feeling okay. My knees were good and my feet were burning a bit, but I just kept thinking I don’t understand how people do this for fun!

“3 miles in.”

One podcast down. Okay… next one up. Once again I chose an Ed Mylett podcast called, “A Story of Greatness” with Terrell Owens.

As TO was talking I saw this man in a wheelchair. He was sitting there with his dog looking at the pond. I looked at him and looked down at my legs. I thanked God for the ability to run even though it wasn’t fun. As soon as I began to think about how long I had to go I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have the capability. That right there was enough to give me a reality check. 

“4 miles in.” 

Okay.. I was halfway done. I thought to myself that it’s ALWAYS the hardest the first half, but normally it gets easier. It gets easier because you finally know you’re over the hump and halfway there. That gave me a little boost in hope. Although I will say.. It wasn’t my lungs that were hurting, but my knees, legs, and feet that were on fire.

“5 miles in.”

3 miles to go. This is when it got to me. I was coming down the street trying to make it back to my neighborhood. I remember thinking how bad my feet were hurting and how bad my knees were aching. They haven’t had this constant impact in a LONG time. I remember understanding that I only had 3 miles to go.. But dang those 3 miles felt like 300 in my mind.

“6 miles in.” 

This is when I was HURTING. I could barely stand up straight. My run was a walk. I wanted to be done. I wanted to walk. I was questioning if I really could make it. I thought, “Just get to 7.”

“7 miles in.”

I have never been so happy to hear those words in my life. 1 more mile. The end was near. The light was shining at the end and mostly because.. I was HURTING. My knees hurt. My feet hurt. My quads were on fire. I had one woman stare at me with thoughts of, “Why would you ever do that to yourself?!” I wanted to say back, “Girl, I’m wondering the same thing right now.”

I rounded my neighborhood and picked up speed. ½ mile to go. ¼ mile to go. GO GO GO. 7.98 miles down … 7.99 miles down……. 8.00 miles down… DONE!

Wow, I was never so happy to see 8.00 miles in my life. As I walked I took this video below. It summed up my run.

After I got home I laid on my floor. Ya girl was HURTING. My body was tired. I was tired. And I felt immobile. I had a really good reality check of the work I need to put in before this half marathon. 8 miles were way tougher than I thought they would be. 

So… here’s the starting point. Day 1 down. Many days to go. 

  • Abby
    Posted at 13:53h, 24 September Reply

    I’m doing the half too!! First one in 2 years, post injury

    • Kelsey Lensman
      Posted at 17:56h, 24 September Reply

      Oh my gosh that’s awesome!! What injury did you have? Are you doing the Nationwide one?

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